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The world of luxury attracts you and you would like to learn more about the world of floating palaces? Are you looking for a rental solution for a high-end boat? Depending on your situation and your interest in the world of maritime luxury, you need general information and answers to your questions: for what type of yacht should you decide? What are the specificities of renting a luxury pleasure boat? Discover below all the answers to your questions.

How to go for renting luxury yachts ?

You want to celebrate a special event and make a mark with a luxury ship rental? You have desires to escape or change of scenery, aboard a boat of exception? If you have an adventurous soul or simply wish to create unforgettable memories, be aware that luxury rentals can be an excellent opportunity. Renting a luxury boat is not only an opportunity to enjoy remarkable equipment, it is also the base on which you will go on an adventure on the high seas, in really optimal and ideal conditions.
In other words, choosing luxury is also choosing to spend rare and precious moments with your family or colleagues, for example for a nautical seminar.

But then how to go about it and what are the conditions to obtain the reservation of such an exceptional boat? Know that it is important that you can proceed in stages. Start by determining the destination of your stay. If you want to join the Côte d’Azur, know that many companies specialized in the field of luxury yacht booking exist, whether on the side of Nice or Cannes. As for the Atlantic Ocean and for cruising enthusiasts, there are also several ideal solutions from cities such as Lorient or La Rochelle (also known for its seaside infrastructures).

Then comes the choice of the boat itself. When one thinks of a luxury yacht, one immediately imagines an oversized and expensive boat. While there are multiple solutions in terms of size, services and performance! One example is the motor yacht – the most « classic » solution, the sailing yacht or the mega-yacht. This last solution is finally ideal for cruising in grand style for large families, or just to organize the conditions of a seminar or a special event.

Most of these companies can provide you with boats adapted to the nature of your project and the composition of your group. There are also many options available to improve the comfort of your stay – for example, you can opt for a boat with a gym, a jacuzzi or a conference room in the hotel. where you would be a professional looking for a unique and original coaching solution. You can also benefit from a complete assistance with the request, with the provision of a personnel of edge.

But then, what about the budget to unlock for renting a luxury yacht? Know that there are strong variations from one situation to another, and that everything is not uniform in the world of high-end boat rental. It all depends on the length of stay, the number of guests and the options you want. In function, you will get a yacht with several cabins, as well as flight attendants at your disposal. In some cases, benefits can go up to 40,000 to 50,000 euros for a one-week stay – in other words, less than 6,000 euros a day. For tourists or people wishing to spend an exceptional stay as a couple or a small family, some services along the Côte d’Azur allow access to a luxury yacht for 2400 euros per day.

Why decide to rent a luxury yacht ?

We have briefly mentioned above the different situations for which you might have to rent a luxury yacht. It is now time to go into details, to give you all the possible ways to rent a luxury yacht with full knowledge of the facts. For example, maybe you are a simple individual looking for an exceptional holiday that you would like to offer to your loved ones?
In this case, know that you will get a large range of formulas depending on the nature of your project. If you are between 2 and 4 people for example, you can opt for a boat with double cabin, without necessarily cutting on the quality of service or the model of ship. Renting a luxury boat can also help you combine business with pleasure. If you love scuba diving and want to enjoy a high-end ship, it will take you to your destination in the greatest of comforts.

Now, perhaps you are a professional who wants to give your employees or clients a unique experience to strengthen the relationship or create the right conditions for a transaction? In this case, renting a luxury vessel also seems to be a very interesting solution that mixes both business and pleasure. It is also an opportunity for you as people on board to discover a rich natural region rich in underwater species. The nautical seminars are initially based on the same principles as the traditional professional weeks: many events can be considered and imagined on board, the time of stay.

What types of yachts to rent ?

This is probably the first question you ask yourself on the occasion of an idea of ​​renting a luxury ship. If you are a beginner in the field, start by finding out from an agency specialized in yacht charter. The professionals at your disposal can offer you the provision of a staff on board, experienced in navigation techniques and can offer many itineraries along the Côte d’Azur or off the Atlantic Ocean. Do you have a coastal boat license? Know that this precious sesame allows you to be perfectly autonomous on a large number of devices.

In doing so, we can identify two major families of yachts at the moment: motor-driven yachts, or sailboats. Most of the time, there is a cabin but it is not always the case depending on the devices: it is called private pleasure boat without cabins. Motorized yachts can be distinguished by the profile of the hull, while sailing yachts are smaller and faster. In any case, be aware that the luxury yacht is distinguished by its larger size – generally equivalent to 24 meters and more. The comfort is of course optimized, and the presence of a professional crew on board is often the ultimate distinction.

Some particularly impressive models belonging to the family of mega-yachts are real floating places, containing a large number of cabins. These ships surpass 50 meters in length and welcome a gym, a wine cellar or a platform to receive a helicopter. This will make it very difficult to estimate the price of certain vessels, without knowing all the details of development of the boats in question. But the numbers can quickly climb to tens of millions of euros!

We have just reviewed the few essentials for your luxury ship rental project. As you can see, renting an exceptional yacht depends first and foremost on the nature of your project, the number of passengers and the ideal destination. In any case, it is essential to anticipate in advance all the problems that may arise to you, in order to leave in the best possible conditions. The cost of a trip aboard a luxury yacht can fly away quickly, whether you’re leaving for a day or a week!

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