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There’s nothing better than yachting for enjoying the lovely weather on the sea in the middle of the summer. It’s all you need to live the dream, a sea adventure where both pleasure and comfort are combined. Just like private yachts, there are many types of yachts for hire.

Averagely sized yachts, for luxury and comfort

These medium sized yachts come in many different designs and models. There are models with up to four cabins and some that don’t have any. Their capacity is limited to between 6 and 12 people. They are perfect for a day out with family, friends, etc. Those hiring one of these yachts will have the services of a skipper on board and can exclusively benefit from a bottle of rosé wine or champagne, a soft drinks service and individual towels provided. They will be able to thoroughly enjoy the comfort and relaxation while taking advantage of all the benefits of boating.

Large yachts, for an ideal yachting experience

Like smaller yachts, there are also large yachts, which can accommodate many more people. Most of these vessels are equipped with a captain and ship’s chefs on board.
The latter are professionals who will exclusively ensure the safety of the passengers during their trips. Furthermore, equipped with at least five cabins, these yachts can accommodate more than twelve passengers during the day and ten people at night. To guarantee the comfort and the total satisfaction of its passengers, the boat is equipped with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a swimming platform, air conditioning, etc. They, therefore, offer everything needed to satisfy passengers, both inboard and out, with similar activities and nautical equipment to those found on a private yacht.

Super-yachts are all about comfort and good design

These yachts have a length of more than 60 metres and can reach 90 metres. They are the benchmark vessels for large-scale use or even for an extended stay aboard during the holidays. Indeed, these hire yachts can accommodate more than 30 passengers by day or by night. They are equipped with more than 20 comfortable cabins, including a single, 20 double and 19 convertible.
More specifically, these boats are equipped with a king size bed, nine queen size beds, and ten double and convertible beds. In short, they offer all the incomparable comfort and design that yachts have always provided. In addition, passengers can always have plenty of fun and enjoy themselves with the many water activities available on board (jet-ski, sea bob, paddle board, etc.).

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