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Do you want to get closer to a unique and original sporting discipline that allows you to admire the landscape below? The parachute allows you to do all this and much more, you just have to let the wind take you and enjoy an exceptional moment along the coast.

Through this publication, we return for a moment to the characteristics of parachuting and then present some of the major cities in France where this discipline is particularly popular and popular…

What is parasailing ?

Climbing parachuting simply consists of a sail similar to a parachute, a cable connected to a motor vehicle and a harness. The presence of a winch allows you to give or remove slack to the parachute from a platform, most often located at the back of the boat. Thus, the ascent is done in a very natural way, which allows the instructors to reassure people who are prone to vertigo problems. The maximum altitude allowed for this activity is generally 100 metres high.

Although prior training is provided in most specialized schools, parachuting is still very accessible to a wide audience, both beginners and advanced. Also, this discipline can be practiced by a public of people with reduced mobility. The departure can also be done in tandem, either with the assistance of a professional instructor or with another person.

Nice, the number one city in the parachute industry

The city of Nice, located in the South of France along the French Riviera, is a privileged destination for water sports. Thanks to its remarkable geographical diversity and favourable climate, it is possible to practice outdoor activities such as canyoning, paragliding and rafting for a good part of the year.

But it is still parachuting that remains a particularly popular activity for tourists and vacationers looking for thrills. Visitors and holidaymakers are welcomed throughout the period between May and the end of September. You will have a unique opportunity to discover the French Riviera in a new light.

Thanks to a parachute and a harness at altitude, it is possible to discover the region and the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. If you wish to discover the Alpes Maritimes in a different way thanks to an original activity, the parachute will give you the right sensations, and will bring you a really different point of view on the site of your holiday.

The city of Nice also offers the possibility of doing this activity in pairs, thanks to specific equipment and a double parachute. The departure is generally from the beach, close to the most beautiful hotels on the French Riviera. Each flight is operated and managed by qualified instructors and the maximum authorised weight is 160 kg.

Sète: the reference in Occitania

Located in the heart of the Occitania region, Sète is also a privileged tourist destination for water sports enthusiasts. It is an important port city in southeastern France, including a salt water lagoon with preserved animal species and a network of canals. Sète is thus regularly known as the « Venice of Languedoc ».

To practice water sports in complete safety, such as skydiving, there is nothing better than to get closer to professionals and enthusiasts of water sports. Depending on the number of participants and needs, the team adapts perfectly and proposes the most suitable boat.

Then it’s off to a good bowl of fresh air, towed several tens of metres above the Mediterranean! You will enjoy an exceptional view of the coastline and this part of the Hérault that is so special to holidaymakers: first of all, imagine passing over the Etang de Thau (the largest in the region with its 7,500 hectares), the many sandy beaches and oyster beds. How can we not marvel at the riches of Occitania that lie beneath your feet ?

The climbing activity gives you the freedom to glide for a good ten minutes, at a height of about 70 meters. As the boat speeds up in the Mediterranean, you take the time to observe the ground activity and the magnificent panoramas: the beach of Lido, or the 183-metre high Mont Saint-Clair await you!

Frejus: in the Var

Did you know that you could also practice skydiving in the Var region, more precisely in Fréjus? In addition to its natural heritage, which is particularly generous for holidaymakers who have come to recharge their batteries, the city also has an important historical heritage, earning it the well-deserved title of City of Art and History.

Of course, we appreciate the tourist and seaside infrastructures that are the foundation of the city’s reputation. So, when you come to Fréjus to enjoy an ascension experience, you will fully experience the advantages of a renowned seaside resort and Fréjus-Plage. All year round, the city offers an exceptional living environment and unique activities.

Do you dream of exploring the region with a parachute? Know that this is quite possible, and even highly recommended! It is from the Old Port of Saint-Raphaël and above the bay of the same name that you will start your nautical activity, which remains accessible to a very wide public of children and adults.

As is often the case in this type of activity, it is possible to leave with several people, up to a maximum of 4 in this case. Another great interest to join such an activity in the bay of Saint-Raphaël: the possibility to bring back with you a digital recording of this magical moment, thanks to the presence of a GoPro camera! The new parachute season generally starts at the beginning of April.

We have just seen together which are the best regions in France to practice parachuting. As you can see, there are many sites or « spots » that allow you to practice such an activity in optimal safety conditions. The season generally starts from April / May and ends in September depending on the seaside resorts, the ideal opportunity to plan your future holidays in a dream place in France!


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