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Trademarks can be made by both individuals and companies. Nevertheless, there are certain steps the owner of the brand has to follow to achieve trademark status.

The steps to follow before getting a trademark in Nice

Before beginning the registration procedure, carry out some preliminary research. This will help you find out if a request for the chosen name for your product or brand has already been made. You can check this on the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) database. However, to gain a better insight into if there are trademarks available for your brand, it’s best to get an expert to look into it.

The differences between trademarking in France and abroad

In France, it is up to the INPI to register a trademark. There should be 5 copies of the file. Forms are available from the INPI website.

It is also possible to create the trademark online.

If you are abroad, you should follow the instructions for the relevant country. So, in other words, you should create an international trademark through the National Institute of Industrial Property. These type of applications are then sent to the World International Property Organisation (WIPO).

trademark file

Follow the steps to complete your trademark application file

Trademark protection in Nice

Once the registration has been completed, the applicant becomes the trademark holder. The business in question is then able to use this trademark in the pre-determined sectors. Product classification is often discussed. To learn more, ask one of the specialised trademark filing monaco.

Trademark protection opens the way to legal action in the case of counterfeiting. If this happens to you, you will need to choose a lawyer to help your case.

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