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yacht rental

27 February 2019

The ultimate guide to luxury yacht rentals

The world of luxury attracts you and you would like to learn more about the world of floating palaces? Are you looking for a rental solution for a high-end boat? Depending on your situation and your interest in the world of maritime luxury, you need general information and answers to your questions: for what type of yacht should you decide? What are the specificities of renting a luxury pleasure boat? Discover below all the answers to your questions.


parasailing nice

8 November 2018

The best cities for parasailing

Do you want to get closer to a unique and original sporting discipline that allows you to admire the landscape below? The parachute allows you to do all this and much more, you just have to let the wind take you and enjoy an exceptional moment along the coast.



5 September 2017

Here comes the sun, so how about hiring a yacht?

There’s nothing better than yachting for enjoying the lovely weather on the sea in the middle of the summer. It’s all you need to live the dream, a sea adventure where both pleasure and comfort are combined. Just like private yachts, there are many types of yachts for hire.